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Jan 31, 2017

What is calcium? Calcium is the most plentiful mineral in the body. About 99% of body's total calcium is in the bones and teeth. The remaining 1% is involved in other critical bodily functions.

What role does calcium play in you toddler's body?

  • Promotes growth and development of bones and teeth in children

  • Helps muscle movement

  • Aids transfer of nerve messages between the brain and other body parts Helps blood circulation

  • Helps release of hormones and enzymes


How much calcium does your toddler need?

Indian Council for Medical Research recommends that toddlers need 600 mg calcium per day. Include plenty of milk and milk products in your toddler's diet as the milk calcium is easily absorbed in the body.


Tips to boost calcium content of your toddler's diet:

  • To fulfill calcium needs of your toddler, include a variety of calcium sources in the diet.

  • Although vegetables and grains contain calcium, certain components present in them can hinder calcium absorption. Therefore, ensure a variety in your toddler's diet.

  • Avoid giving your toddler salty foods as excess salt increases calcium loss from the body.

  • Good vitamin D status is important for calcium absorption from foods; so expose your toddler to ample sunlight.

  • Running, playing physically active games can help reduce calcium loss from bones; so encourage outdoor play.