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Jan 31, 2017

Even though your toddler's growth rate is slower as compared when he or she was an infant, nutrition still is most important for his growth and development. Adequate nutrition becomes necessary during these years as your child grows, explores and develops by being more active.

Just as adults your child also requires right proportions of nutrients for healthy growth and development. Let's see the best nourishment for your child's growth and development...

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  • Great Grains-

    will provide mostly carbohydrates which provide energy to your active toddler.

  • Vibrant Veggies and Fruits-

    provide with vitamins and minerals for normal development and fiber for healthy digestive system.

  • Mighty Milk-

    proteins, calcium and many other nutrients in milk make your child's bones strong. Continue to breastfeed till your child is of 2 years of age.

  • Powerful Pulses and legumes-

    fulfill protein requirement of your toddler including variety of pulses such as beans, rajma, dais etc.

  • Flavorful Fish, Egg and Meat-

    provide good quality protein for healthy growth.

  • Give your child a variety of nutritious food in a day to ensure good nutritional status. At the same time, avoid over feeding your baby.

  • Good nutrition, adequate sleep and proper physical activity will help your child to reach his genetic potential for growth and development.

Note: Amounts suggested are general guidelines and may differ depending on the age, sex and activity level.